Instant Pain Relief, Hot Tubs San Antonio

When pain and discomfort hit, many of us turn to medication for relief. What if there was an easier, all natural way to feel better? With heat, massage and buoyancy, the family hot tub could be the solution. Here’s a how a dip in the spa can bring long lasting pain relief Sustained, Elevated Heat … Read More

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Portable Spas Help Connect with the Family, Hot Tubs San Antonio

While hot tub enthusiasts often focus on the health and wellness benefits of soaking, there’s another, unexpected benefit—strengthened family relationships. A dip in warm, massaging water is an exciting way to spend quality time with loved ones. Here are three ways to use the hot tub to reconnect with family. Promote Conversation In a Relaxed … Read More

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When you need a mini-escape from the stressors of life, there’s nothing quite like stretching out in the warm, bubbly waters of a hot tub. With powerful hydrotherapy jets, soothing lights and more, a spa at home is relaxation at its finest. Here are three reasons why need a hot tub of your own. On-Demand … Read More

Safe, Effective Exercise – Swim Spas Converse

Aquatic exercise is a great alternative to exercise on land. Water cushions joints, making movement easy while increasing flexibility. When traditional exercise on land isn’t working, here’s what you can do for safe fitness in the swim spa. Underwater Treadmill for Cardiovascular Conditioning Running, even walking is terrific exercise for the lower body, but places … Read More

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Portable Spas for Rehabilitation, Hot Tubs Canyon Lake

Aquatic rehabilitation, as in using water to aid recovery, is a smart, healthy way to bounce back quickly from injury. With heat, buoyancy and a relaxed environment, here are three ways to use a hot tub for rehabilitation. Heated Water Improves Circulation A hot tub offers sustained heat that stays hot for as long as … Read More

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