COVID-19 and your swim spa/hot tub

During these times we find it important that our guests are informed about the novel coronavirus.  We acknowledge and appreciate that Sweetwater Hottubz has been in business because of our customers and associates. Because of it, we have been closely following the spread of COVID-19, and are following guidelines from trusted sources such as the … Read More

Should you prepare your hot tub/swim spa for winter in Texas?

A great question to ask is “Should I winterize my hot tub or swim spa in Texas?” The best answer…it depends. If you’re going to use the hot tub/swim spa, just let it run normally. Central Texas winters are fairly light as compared to northern states. Rest assured, you should not have to add any … Read More

Instant Pain Relief, Hot Tubs San Antonio

When pain and discomfort hit, many of us turn to medication for relief. What if there was an easier, all natural way to feel better? With heat, massage and buoyancy, the family hot tub could be the solution. Here’s a how a dip in the spa can bring long lasting pain relief Sustained, Elevated Heat … Read More

Joint Fitness Made Easy in a Lap Pool, Swim Spas San Antonio

With cardiovascular and muscle toning built into every stroke, swimming laps is a smart way to improve overall health. But did you know that you can use water to increase joint fitness? Here are three easy ways to promote joint health by using a swim spa. Loosen Stiff Joints with Underwater Cardio It’s easy to … Read More

Portable Spas Help Connect with the Family, Hot Tubs San Antonio

While hot tub enthusiasts often focus on the health and wellness benefits of soaking, there’s another, unexpected benefit—strengthened family relationships. A dip in warm, massaging water is an exciting way to spend quality time with loved ones. Here are three ways to use the hot tub to reconnect with family. Promote Conversation In a Relaxed … Read More

Why a Lap Pool Is a Good Investment, Swim Spas Spring Branch

A swim spa offers exciting opportunities for quality family time, health and easy fitness from home. A lap pool means you can swim and play whenever you want. Here’s why a swim spa is a great investment. Quick Installation Swim spas are designed as single, molded units, meaning they can be installed much faster than … Read More

Why You Need Your Own Portable Spa, Hot Tubs Converse

When you need a mini-escape from the stressors of life, there’s nothing quite like stretching out in the warm, bubbly waters of a hot tub. With powerful hydrotherapy jets, soothing lights and more, a spa at home is relaxation at its finest. Here are three reasons why need a hot tub of your own. On-Demand … Read More

Safe, Effective Exercise – Swim Spas Converse

Aquatic exercise is a great alternative to exercise on land. Water cushions joints, making movement easy while increasing flexibility. When traditional exercise on land isn’t working, here’s what you can do for safe fitness in the swim spa. Underwater Treadmill for Cardiovascular Conditioning Running, even walking is terrific exercise for the lower body, but places … Read More

Meet the Amazing Swim Spa, Canyon Lake Lap Pools

If swimming from home sounds like fun and aquatic exercise interests you, it might be time to check out the possibilities with an incredible swim spa. With more to offer than a swimming pool and more convenience than the gym, meet the amazing swim spa. A Lap Pool and Hot Tub Spa in One With … Read More

Portable Spas for Rehabilitation, Hot Tubs Canyon Lake

Aquatic rehabilitation, as in using water to aid recovery, is a smart, healthy way to bounce back quickly from injury. With heat, buoyancy and a relaxed environment, here are three ways to use a hot tub for rehabilitation. Heated Water Improves Circulation A hot tub offers sustained heat that stays hot for as long as … Read More

Soaking in Portable Spa Can Help With Arthritis, Hot Tubs Schertz

If you’re one of millions living with chronic arthritis, it’s good to know there are easy, natural alternatives to medication. Soaking in the warm waters of a hot tub can reduce joint inflammation along with the pain and stiffness it creates. Here’s how to use a hot tub to relieve arthritis pain. Immersion in Water … Read More

Low Impact Exercise From Home, Swim Spas Schertz

Getting physical activity into each day can be challenge. Especially if you suffer with a chronic condition, exercise can be difficult, even painful. A swim spa can help. Here are the benefits of using a lap pool for low impact exercise from home. Buoyancy Supports Joints Buoyancy, or that feeling you get when you immerse … Read More

Back pain relief can be found in a hot tub.

You’ve seen people through history soaking in hot water for relaxation and stress relief, but what about back pain?. Various cultures discovered that spending a good amount of time in warm mineral springs seemed to have positive effects on the person that was relaxing in it, such as soothing and rejuvenating the body and mind. … Read More

Lap Pools are a Great Family Investment, Swim Spas New Braunfels

Families often choose a swimming pool for summer fun and excitement. But not everyone can accommodate a pool at home. And, few have the resources to invest. Why not consider a lap pool instead? Here are three reasons why a swim spa is a great family investment. Safe, Family Fun Families with small children enjoy … Read More

Portable Spas Can Ease Arthritis Pain, Hot Tubs New Braunfels

Finding safe, effective strategies for minimizing arthritis pain while preventing further damage isn’t always easy. The good news is, a hot tub can keep joints moving, while preserving strength and flexibility. Here’s how to ease arthritis pain with a hot tub. Exercise In the Spa to Build Strength, Reduce Stiffness Exercise improves coordination and endurance, … Read More

Swim Spas San Antonio, Sale on Lap Pools, Exercise Spas

Fitness enthusiasts have found something new and exciting in the modern swim spa. Designed for homeowners looking to swim, relax and workout from home, the swim spa eliminates the hassle of the gym or a community pool. Here’s some quick information on how families use swim spas for aquatic exercise and easy fitness from home. … Read More

Hot Tubs San Antonio, Sale on Caldera Portable Spas

Now that you’ve purchased an amazing hot tub for your home, you’re probably excited to spend time with friends and family. Entertaining in the hot tub is easy, as long as you keep a few things in mind. Here are three essential hot tub entertaining tips for the savvy homeowner. Provide Plenty of Cool Drinks … Read More