Vita Spas

As the hot tub industry grows, so does the technology. At Sweetwater Hot Tubz we are proud to present the best construction in hot tubs Vita Spa.

Spas today are typically made out of 3 different structures. Some are made out of plastic frames that can crack and warp over time. Most spa frames are made out of wood that is solid for years, however many manufacturers use inferior wood which affects the life of your spa. Vita Spas, made in the USA, manufacturers hot tubs that are made out of a 100% galvanized steel frame with a lifetime warranty.  The steel frame is the strongest material any hot tub structure is currently made out of. It is 250 times stronger than the traditional wood frame, waterproof and corrosion free.

When it comes to insulation, Vita Spa is the industry leader in green insulation using recycled denim that wraps the plumbing system so it will never freeze and also plumbing that can be accessed very quickly without taking the spa completely apart. This denim insulation is soaked in a borate solution which repels insects. Also, rodents will not use it to nest. With 100% sealed ABS plastic base you can rest assure your Vita Spa is the most well built spa in the hot tub industry. Vita Spa offers dozens of models to choose from with hot tubs focusing on full body hydrotherapy with more jets than most other spa companies without sacrificing massage power.