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Five Facts About New Braunfels

  1. One of the fastest growing cities in the United States
  2. Named after the city of Braunfels in Germany, founded by German settlers.
  3. In 1850 New Braunfels was the fourth largest city in Texas.
  4. Gruene is located within the city limits of New Braunfels and features the Gruene Dance Hall, one of the big tourist draws to New Braunfels.
  5. Features some of the best floating in Texas on the Guadalupe River.

So what do 5 facts have to do with hot tubs, swim spas, and endless pools, well, everything?  Since New Braunfels is such a happening place you’ll want a hot tub for relaxation after floating the river or drop into an endless pool or swim spa for exercise to keep in shape.

Our North location located off 281 and Evans is perfect for a 30-minute trip! At this hot tub and spa location, you can see one of our largest showrooms! We feature a large selection of Caldera Hot Tubs, Vita Spas, and Endless Pools. We’ll also come to you by appointment. You can find a hot tub or spa to fit your budget and we can do the install for you and are close enough to service your hot tub, spa, or endless pool when necessary. Stop by and visit or call for an in-house appointment.

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